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Here is the motorcycle. All lights and features work. Great bike!
Algunas imagenes mias en mi Kinlon y otras imágenes sacadas de internet, excelente moto. Hecho con fines de compartir mi amor hacia las maquinas, sobre ...
Building on the success of the Lexmoto ZSX 125cc the ZSX-F provides an upgraded specification to offer the best commuter option available on the market.
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En la visita a Cima Motor 2013 pudimos ver que el mercado está cambiando con respecto a lo que había allí hace dos años, por eso algunas empresas están ...
Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On our channel we upload every day , short, (2-5min) walkaround videos of Cars and Motorcycles. Our coverage is from Auto and ...
Walk around the New Crossfire XZ250RR 4 valve bike. This model uses the New Dellorto 34mm Italian carb and Magnisium Aluminium Rims, At just over 30hp ...
David McMullans Latest Blogs
  • China and Taiwan

    August 17, 2016

      Separated by price and quality   Report by David McMullan the Englishman in China         I often contact the organisers of motorcycle exhibitions to ask if any Chinese brands will be represented at their show. Quite often the reply is in the affirmative with organisers naming Taiwanese motorcycle companies KYMCO and […]

  • Motorcycles at Canton fair

    August 16, 2016

    Canton fair spring 2016   By Toby Smith   Canton fair   Canton fair has regularly proved to be the premier destination for motorcycle importers and the ‘must exhibit’ show for motorcycle companies. With the semi demise of CIMAmotor and the lack of actual motorcycle models at CMPF Canton retains its significance despite becoming a […]

  • Joint ventures bearing fruit in China

    June 19, 2016

    Written by David McMullan the ‘Englishman in China’     International joint ventures have proved invaluable to the Chinese motorcycle industry. From technology sharing to promoting brand recognition, JV’s have long been the difference between success and failure for some Chinese motorcycle companies.   China’s latest automotive industry policy release advises that foreign investors […]

  • David McMullan interviews Italian legends Fantic Motor

    June 7, 2016

        Hello Vitorino, I remember Fantic motorcycles from when I was a kid in the 70’s, can you please tell C2W readers something about the history of Fantic motorcycles?   Fantic Motor has been founded in 1968. Innovative models and high performances made Fantic the second largest European manufacturer in the 70-ties. Fantic focused […]

  • Get it right!

    June 2, 2016

    Sean Kerr replies to some of the bullsh** and some of the good comments about Chinese motorcycles on social media   This month for our segment on social media comments the remarks featured are from a YouTube video entitled “Chinese Motorcycle One Year On” which is posted by user rickylittle. This short video features the […]

  • Substantial leaps made in Chinese motorcycle quality improvement

    May 24, 2016

      Chinese motorcycle products are improving at a high rate to almost universal acclaim from international motorcycle magazines. For many years China was renowned for manufacturing cheap ‘throw away’ powered 2 wheelers for 3rd world countries, it seems that now this has all changed. Chinese industry analyst and historian Winston Guo remembers “it was the […]

  • A two-wheeled migration

    May 19, 2016

      Spring Festival which falls early in the New Year on the Gregorian calendar is the start of the Chinese New Year which takes its dates from a lunar calendar. The Spring Festival is marked by window shuddering firework displays for which the Chinese are famous and street carnivals featuring the iconic Dragon Dance. It’s […]

  • Fujiang Vehicle Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    May 18, 2016

        Changzhou City in Jiangsu province is the home of electric bike manufacturer Fujiang Vehicle which operates under the supervision of CEO Mr. Mingfu Wei. Here he gives us the lowdown on his electric bicycle products and the world scene.   What are your main export markets for Fujiang? Our main export markets are […]

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