Motorhead Tekken by Fuego Power

 tekken on a tibet road

C2W ride report

We marveled at the blue skies as we prepared to take the Motorhead Tekken for its major test ride on the mountain roads of Tibet. We’d all ridden the bike on the traffic filled roads of Chongqing and been pleased with its urban performance but now we were facing different challenges as we set off on one of Tibet’s winding mountain roads. The first thing to notice is that even on a gradient the Tekken pulled away with surprising power and I continued seamlessly through the gears as smooth as gear ratio silk.   .


On hitting a flat piece of track I really opened the Tekken up in a speed test in which I pushed her up to 100 km/h and then briefly up to 117 km/h, although she handled it there was no more left in the bike, it felt as though the bike would find it hard to sustain speeds higher than that top speed. I would say that the ideal cruising speed of the Tekken is 85 km/h. In our stop-start test the Tekken up to 60 km/h from 0 in 6.9 seconds. After conducting a brief turning test I concluded that this motorcycle also has an adequate turning radius with a 180 degrees turn taking just over one lane.


Although the Tekken runs a single cylinder engine it is the highly developed Loncin RE balanced engine which keeps the vibrations down to a minimum. This works for me as the one-cylinder configuration without a balanced engine can make the whole bike vibrate as the engine piston moves up and down during its revolution, “thumping” the weight of the piston up and down. )    



It was a comfortable start to the ride with a natural riding position, low vibrations and a standard centre of gravity for a dual sport which gave the Tekken a nice feeling of stability.. The front and rear Auk shock absorbers are developed specifically for off-road bikes and were expectedly smooth on the rough mountain tracks and even on the normal road surfaces.

When we checked the fuel consumption we found that the Tekken had used roughly 2.4 Litres per 100 kilometres, not bad considering all the hills that it had to deal with a rate of consumption that will get you around 280 kilometres until you need to feed her again.


C2W verdict


The Tekken is a very attractive looking bike and can boast a smooth riding experience on rough terrain as well as street bike performance on tarmac roads. If I had to pick a negative point it would be that the double mud-guards on the front wheel are unnecessary but it’s easy enough to remove the top smaller mud-guard. Also, this bike can run at 120 km/h but I wouldn’t recommend gunning it for too if you value your private parts.  


ENGINE: LONCIN RE 250, single cylinder, 4-stroke, electric/kick start, manual clutch, international 5 gears, air-cooled, 12V 8 pole magneto,, full wave/DC, PZ 27 carburetor


SUSPENSION: FR. INVERTED, RR. Normal mono-shock absorber


RIM: FR: 2.50×17, RR: 3.00×17, spun rim.

TYRE: FR: 110/90-17 RR:130/80-17

LIGHTS: LED headlights, LED winkers, LED tail light, LED lights on fuel tank covers

PLASTIC COVERS: ABS for painting parts, NYLON for hand rest + muffler shield.

REAR VIEW MIRROR: black plastic

MUFFLER: double paint, with metal shield.


BATTERY: 12V7A acid battery



REAR FORK: normal




February 19, 2016