Chinese motorcycles in Norway!




Trond Hagen from Norway gives David McMullan the info on the Norwegan motorcycle industry




What is the general condition of the motorcycle market in your Norway? Is it growing due to fuel prices or receding due to cheaper cars?


The selling of motorbikes are very good this days, I heard the importers of known brands are not able to import enough bikes. The future is looking good for certain Chinese made moto products.


Have you seen a rise in Chinese motorcycle or scooter sales?


Yes – in scooter sales. These are the Chinese made moto products that are increasing the most in sales.


What are peoples attitude to Chinese motorcycles?


Mixed. Some dont want to buy it but because of bad reputation, but as I have mentioned, scooter sales are growing so there must be some confidence in certain brands.


Do winter sports vehicles like snow mobiles get imported from China?


Only smaller snowmobiles for kids. The bigger, adult snow vehicle products are not imported from China yet.


What certificates are needed for Chinese companies to export motorcycle models to your nation?


EEC approval, like the rest of the EU


Why would your riders choose a Chinese model? Why not a Honda for example?


Mainly because the price of Chinese models are significant lower tha the Japanese models. They are offering some good value for money these days.


What improvements have you seen in the Chinese motorcycle industry?


For scooters the design is improved. Chinese manufacturers now seem to be having their own design ideas instaed of copying everything the Japanese make.


What do you see as the main negative factors of the Chinese industry?


The lack of quality in assembling sometimes and also lack of attention in the testing phase


China’s dominance is under threat from India in certain countries, have you noticed this?


No – not in our market, not yet anyway.


What advice would you give to a Chinese manufacturer looking to break in to your market?


The climate can be hard (very cold in winter) in Norway so the quality must be really good and the product must be durable.


Are there any motorcycle exhibitions that Chinese companies could attend to promote their products?


Norges Varemesse» every second year at Lillestrøm city close to Oslo.


Do your local motorcycle trade people come to China to see the industry?


No – only the main importers


Can you give us some information on the top 5 Chinese motorcycle importing companies?


I only know MX Sport and Hageby Motor


Please tell China 2 Wheels readers about your company and its goals….


Hageby Motor started in 2006 as a internet shop for small vehicles mainly for Kids. The most popular products are pocketbikes, ATV’s and dirtbikes in the 50-110cc range. All are imported from China and the sales has been increasing every year. We also started a local shop in our city Trondheim. In this shop we aslo sell 50cc scooters which has become popular. Our goal is to continue this motor business and of course take bigger shares of the market. We also want to sell the 50cc scooters at the internet but then the quality must be improved.





February 22, 2016