Chinese motorcycle company profiles

Each month C2W brings you a useful condensed profile of 8 of China’s motorcycle manufacturing companies. Here are this month’s.



Wangye is a company that primarily concentrates on the production of scooters. Also trading under the WYS brand name and founded in 1999 Wanye is a privately owned company and maybe its best known scooter product is the Eivissa which is one of its benchmark models and best sellers.


Qinqi in Jilin are a government owned company that have partnered with Peugeot and Suzuki for many years. Qinqi were the pioneers (with help from Suzuki) of scooter production in China and produced the first scooter in China in 1985. The joint venture with Peugeot was signed in 2006.


Jianshe are of the Chongqing giants and have regularly manufactured and sold over 1 million units in a year. Famous for their partnership with Yamaha, Jianshe remain in the top 10 for manufacture and sales both domestically and internationally and are one of the more recognised Chinese motorcycle brands on the global markets.


WangQiang in Chongqing are China’s primary cub motorcycle manufacturer and produce cubs OEM for many other companies both in China and globally including Taiwan manufacturer Kymco. WangQiang are the only motorcycle manufacturer in China that has set up a production zone purely to build cubs and make 95% of their own parts.


Yinxiang has several brands including ‘Yinxiang’, ‘Xianfeng’, ‘Kenbo’, ‘Jida’ and ‘JLM’ and is rightly classified as one of the ‘Chongqing giants’. Often producing over 1 million units per year Yinxiang has previously been the biggest exporter of motorcycles manufactured in China and has enjoyed a constant presence on the domestic market.


The Dayang brand which is owned by the Luoyang Northern EK Chor Motorcycle co is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in China producing a full range of motorcycle which also includes electric motorcycles and scooters. Dayang also have one of the biggest brand values with a figure of 8.265 Billion RMB


Kayo is fast becoming one of the leading names in China in terms of dirt bike production. This company actively employs foreign expertise to help it evolve in to a major player on the world’s markets and their models are quite often chosen by off road riders in China.



Many years ago Bashan made a name for themselves producing road legal ATV’s for the European market after they produced the earliest all-terrain vehicle factory in China. Bashan also has a strong product range and utilise a network of manufacturing bases in Chongqing, Guangzhou and Jiangsu.



February 23, 2016