Lifan, a short overview and history


Lifan is probably the best known motorcycle brand of all the motorcycle manufacturers in China. Headquartered in Chongqing, Lifan holdings achieved a sales income of RMB 30.62 billion, including a production and sales of 283,100 cars, 1.3935 million motorcycles, 3.6746 million engines and 401,100 general-purpose engines with export of USD 1.033 Billion in 2014. By December 2014, Lifan has applied 9,118 patents, out of which 7,879 have been authorised. Lifan employs 12,966 staff, out of whom over 8,935 have an education of technical secondary school or junior college. Lifan has been continuously listed in China’s Top 500 Enterprises (10 times) and has previously been the biggest exporter of motorcycles from Chongqing.

On November 25th , 2010, the subsidiary holding shares group, Lifan industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 601777), first publicly issuing 200 million shares and raising funds of 2.9 billion RMB, becoming the first private manufacturer of passenger vehicles to be listed on China’s A-share index. On Feb 28th 2014, the Chongqing Lifan Finance Co., Ltd. was opened and obtained the “Financial License of The people’s Republic of China”, which made Lifan the first private finance company in Chongqing.

Lifan was founded by Yin Mingshan in 1992 as a motorcycle repair shop with a staff of nine. Yin has a long history of conflict with the government but currently enjoys a good relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. Lifan was originally called “Chongqing Hongda Auto Fittings Research Centre” (which really pissed off Honda!)becoming the fifth-largest Chinese motorcycle maker in only seventeen years until the company was renamed Lifan Industry Group in 1997. Lifan expanded into building buses in 2003 and then entered the automobile industry in 2005.

Lifan entered into an agreement with Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta on July 4th, 2014, to be MV Agusta’s sole distributors in China. Lifan currently have a number of Agusta models on show at selected dealerships, including the F4 RR motorcycle.

Lifan’s vehicle products include motorcycles, passenger cars, micro vans, motorcycle engines, mini-vehicles, and commercial trucks. The company’s non-vehicle-related activities include the manufacture of sports shoes and winemaking. Outside of China, Lifan is becoming best known for the sale of small passenger cars as well as motorcycles on developing markets.

Lifan also owns a top league football team called Lifan Chongqing.




February 24, 2016