The A to Z of the Chinese motorcycle industry


For a bit of fun the C2W team tried to see if there was a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer for every letter of the alphabet and came up with the following results (some answers are quite tenuous as you will see).


Andes-A middle sized but growing Chongqing manufacturer partnered with Kington

Benelli- Famous old Italian marque brought back to life by Qianjiang

CFMoto- First Chinese manufacturer to enter a motorcycle in the Isle of Man TT

Dayang- one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in China, headquartered in Henan

Electric scooters- okay, we cheated here.

Fuego Power- Producer of the famous ‘Tekken’ motorcycle model.

Geely are a famous auto and motorcycle producer

Haojue- Biggest producer of motorcycles in China

Italijet-Famous Italian brand now produced in China

Jialing- China’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer

Keeway- Qianjiang’s European brand originally from Hungary

Loncin- Produces scooters and engines OEM for BMW, also the biggest exporter.

Micantech motorcycles (Mican motors) are produced in Zhongshan

Nenki- specialise in making motocross

Oh my goodness, there isn’t one beginning with o

Pioneer motorcycles produce the XFmoto brand in Shandong province.

Qianjiang are the umbrella group for Qjiang, Keeway and Benelli.

Rato- have recently released a well-received dual sport

Shineray- Owner of iconic Italian dirt bike company SWM

Tayo- A Guangdong company that produces the Zontes brand

UM- Chinese made popular brand in Latin America

Virtue- Small Chongqing brand and the only one beginning with V!

WangQiang- Builder of the only centre of cub manufacture in China

XGJAO- Owned by Yuan, the biggest shock absorber company in the world

Yinxiang- Another Chongqing giant producing around a million units a year

Zongshen- Partnered with Piaggio, Zongshen is one of the biggest manufacturers in China




February 28, 2016