C2W Chinese motorcycle industry consultation team


As the Chinese motorcycle industry evolves it becomes more interesting for foreign manufacturers. Over the last 5 years David McMullan and his team of experts have helped many international motorcycle related companies with their entry in to the Chinese industry. From legendary motorcycle industry household names to small family businesses all over the world the C2W consultation team has successfully advised them and introduced many international products in to China.

Equally, the C2W consultation team has also helped the biggest Chinese motorcycle companies with foreign joint venture partnerships and quality parts sourcing.

C2W also acts as media and marketing directors for the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAmotor), the China Motorcycle Parts Fair (CMPF), Subcon China and the Electric Bike Expo.


Whether it’s parts, accessories, software or fully built 2-wheelers we have the best experience in the Chinese business.

To find out how the C2W consultation team can help you email David McMullan at

March 3, 2016