Chinese motorcycle company profiles


Fuego Power in Chongqing is the manufacturer of the ‘Motorhead’ brand. Fuego are one of the newest additions to the Chinese motorcycle industry and gained recognition when one of their dirt bike models achieved the ‘Guinness world record for a motorcycle tour in one country’ when C2W sub-editor Sean Kerr completed a 36000 kilometre tour in 2013. Fuego are also known for their popular ‘Tekken’ dual sport bike and an eagerly anticipated café racer due to be released in 2016.


Haojin are one of the biggest and most recognisable brands from the Chinese motorcycle industry. Headquartered in Guangdong province Haojin are a prolific model producer and have designed and produced over 80 different models over the last 12 years. Haojin exhibit extensively at motorcycle exhibitions around the world and regularly display their new models at Canton fair in Guangzhou and the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAmotor) in Chongqing.


Yadea is quite often described as the leading manufacturer of electric scooters and bikes in China. China has an enormous electric vehicle manufacturing base but many of the products produced are deemed suitable only for the domestic market. Yadea is the exception and has successfully exported its products to many European countries including the Netherlands and Germany, 2 of the European Union’s biggest users of electric bikes and scooters.


Senke motorcycle industry co. Ltd is a sub-company of the China national machinery& equipment corp. (group), and is located in Heshan city which is a 45 minutes’ drive away from the city of Guangzhou. One of the main distinctive features of the-is company is that it collaborates with the research and development and design departments of Polish motorcycle manufacturer Romet to give more of a distinctive European look to their models.


Wonjan Motorcycles in Chongqing are a progressive motorcycle and cub producer with an interest in producing specialist models such as monkey bikes on a big scale. A visitor to the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition will notice that Wonjan put more effort in to their exhibition stand than the bigger motorcycle manufacturers and also actively pursue marketing campaigns with more forward thinking and market research than their bigger neighbours.



Jincheng as a company has existed in the manufacturing sector since 1949. This company has 8 subdivisions with interests including hydraulic and light industry, electric bicycles as well as motorcycles. Jincheng’s sales on the domestic and export motorcycle markets sipped for a while but its ability to offer a range of mechanical products meant that Jincheng was able to weather the storm and restore parity to its export operations in 2015.



XGJao is a Chongqing motorcycle manufacturer who is also a subsidiary company of Yuan shock absorbers (reportedly the biggest producer of shock absorbers in the world) and the Chongqing SOKON Industry Group. XGJao are gaining an increasingly good reputation and their new street bike model was a hit at Canton fair. Under the SOKON brand the company also produces popular mini vans and is currently looking to expand its auto division.


Chongqing Hensim Group Co., Ltd. is a privately owned manufacturer of motorcycles, engines and generators based in Chongqing. Founded in 1998 Hensim is one of the only middle sized motorcycle factories to actively pursue a marketing and sales campaign in the United States meeting with some remarkable success in the state of California. Hensim export a range of products including their off-road range (dirt bikes and ATV’s), go carts and generators.


Sundiro are probably (definitely) best known for their collaboration with Honda called, unsurprisingly, Sundiro Honda. In recent year Chinese companies that have joined in joint venture cooperation deals with Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki have resisted the downturn in production, sales and export that other Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have. Sundiro joined with Honda in 2001 and hit the 7 million unit mark in 10 years making it a real success story.

March 11, 2016