Jialing, China’s first motorcycle manufacturer


Brief history

Like many motorcycle manufacturing companies (think Benelli, BSA and Royal Enfield) Jialing began as a supplier of arms to China’s military forces. Jialing was first established in 1875 and first began to produce civilian motorcycles in 1979 making it the oldest motorcycle manufacturer and the founder of the now huge Chinese motorcycle industry.

In 1981 Jialing set up a joint venture with Honda, the first of its kind in China and again paving the way for other companies to emulate and soon (In 1987) the “China Jialing Group” was created and began to float on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1995.

In 1990 Jialing expanded from the domestic motorcycle consumer market and began to export its models internationally, it now exports to 90 countries globally employs more than 10,000 employees, and controls assets of 50 billion RMB.



Jialing has established four subsidiaries around China, they are- Guangdong Jialing Motorcycle Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jialing Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jialing Jiapeng Industrial Co., Ltd and the Henan Jialing Three-wheel Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Internationally the Jialing Group has established manufacturing plants in South-East Asia and South America. ‘Jialing’ and ‘Traxx’ are the primary Jialing controlled brands on international markets helping the Jialing Group to become a well-known internationally operated enterprise.


Technical information

Jialing’s manufactured products have engine displacements ranging from from 35cc to 600cc, and they have produced hundreds of motorcycle models in their history. Historically their sales have reached more than 18 million units, accounting for 1/6 of the Chinese motorcycle market inventory to date. Jialing has the capacity to produce 2 million motorcycles annually and boasts a well-established R&D technology, manufacture, quality, support, marketing systems, advanced process technology, equipment, and top level quality management system. It also has a national Technology Centre (the first R&D Centre in Chinese motorcycle industry), a post-doctoral research workstation, and motorcycle quality testing stations, five domestic manufacture bases and five overseas subsidiaries. Jialing has also set up a nationwide marketing services network in China.



March 15, 2016