MV Agusta in China

MV Agusta in China


The popularity and sales of high-end motorcycles is soaring on the Chinese market despite the urban motorcycle bans. Companies like Harley-Davidson and Ducati have grown in popularity over the last ten years inspiring other 1st class marques to try their luck on the Chinese market; it is the influence of these brands that has proved a catalyst to Chinese manufacturers in terms of improving the style and quality of their products. Here we look at MV Agusta in China.


MV Agusta recent history

In 1992 Cagiva acquired the MV Agusta brand, re-launching it in 1997 with the groundbreaking F4, a landmark in motorcycle design. Over the last fifteen years MV Agusta has grown exponentially, setting the standard in the high and medium-performance motorcycle market.


On 17 August 2011 the long-standing company CEO, Claudio Castiglioni, the heart and soul of MV Agusta, passed away after a long struggle against illness. Claudio Castiglioni played a pivotal role in the revival of the Italian motorcycling industry. His leadership resulted in the design and production of some of the most famous bikes in the world and produced an unparalleled string of great Italian racing victories.

Today the company is headed by his son, Giovanni Castiglioni, and a team of internationally successful managers who earmarked China as an expanding market for their products and then MV Agusta officials made an historic announcement during the EICMA China Motorcycle Show in Beijing. MV Agusta officials said they expect higher-end motorcycles to be in greater demand as China’s burgeoning middle class swells in the years ahead.



In 2011 MV Agusta and Lifan Industry Co. Ltd signed a letter of intent and announced that the Chinese automotive manufacturing Group will become the sole distributor for this historic Italian marque in China. It’s also speculated that Lifan bought a good amount of MV Agusta shares from Harley-Davidson.

Lifan, a company that has been listed on the Shanghai stock exchange since 2010 with annual sales of 6,771 billion Yuan (750 million Euros), has distributed the MV Agusta models for the Chinese market since the end of 2011 through a network of high-end Lifan dealers. Their first objective was to realise an efficient sales network with showrooms in all of the principal Chinese cities. Lifan currently have a number of Agusta models on show at selected dealerships, including the F4 RR motorcycle

“Distributing the MV models through a prestigious society like Lifan ensures that we will enter into this very important market with a very strong commercial partner at our side, respecting the Chinese culture, mentality and laws” stated Umberto Uccelli, the Commercial Director of MV Agusta.

March 17, 2016