C2W replies to comments about Chinese motorcycles on social media

Get it right!


It’s time again to revisit some of the drivel that comes from the keyboards of uninformed YouTube viewer about Chinese bikes. This issue we’ve sourced comments from a video titled “Should I Buy a Chinese Motorcycle?” made by a British bike mechanic. The video is worth a watch as the poster, RoadCraftNottingham, makes some valid points about Chinese bikes sold abroad. As always with the pit of filth that is the YouTube comments section these quotes needed some cleaning up and a touch of grammar to make most of them readable. While not all of the quotes are negative, commenter’s names have been withheld due to the Data of Idiots Protection Act 2015, Article C, section 2W.

First up a cheap stab at the Chinese people in general,

“Only the Chinese could take a design like the super reliable Honda CG125 and **** it up. Even a ratty old Jap[anese] bike is a better prospect than a brand new Chinese one.”

Yes, the Glones (CG Clones) are numerous and some are out-right awful as I’ve experienced from the Chinese domestic market but a lot of these Glones have played a part in revolutionising people’s lives and bringing them into the 21st century. Any proper rider knows to avoid a Glone but for Mr Average Joe of Botswana that inferior Honda copy that he paid $400 for could well be the difference between a 6 hour walk to the market or a 30 minute ride.

“Something as complex as a motorbike or car should not be made by the Chinese. Their work ethic is driven towards making as much money as possible without thinking about product quality or safety. Buy a Japanese, German, British or even Italian made bike for quality and safety. You will pay more obviously but if it gives you less trouble, you’ll be quid’s in.”

German bike? Like a BMW with a Chinese made engine? Italian Bike? Because they’re famed for their reliability, like the little Aprilia 125s that burn through pistons on a bimonthly basis (but my gosh, what a wonderful machine). Or perhaps you mean a Benelli, which happen to also be made in China? I see the argument here, but it’s easily muted once the facts are considered. Yes, the reputation of European and Japanese bikes is firmly rooted in their quality but to assume that the Germans, Italians, British or Japanese don’t produce any parts or products in China at all is plain ignorance. We all know the iPhone situation.

I especially like the first sentence about complex machines in China. If you think a motorcycle is complex then it might shock the life out of you to know that the Chinese National Space Administration has put humans into space orbit and that China is only the third nation to independently do so. Spaceships – who’d have thunk it?

The comment about work ethic and Chinese companies being driven by making money can be said of most companies no matter what the nationality. The aim of a business is primarily to make money. They aren’t charities. What school of economics did you fail from?

“I would only buy Chinese food not a bike or anything else for that matter.”

The chances are that this poor soul is typing on a Chinese made device. How ironic. It’s fairly likely that within his home there are a collection of Chinese made items from electronics to furniture. I’m willing to guess that the Chinese food he is referring to is Cantonese Hong Kong food, a lot of which is made purely for western diners.

“First off I don’t know about these other Chinese bikes but I have a 2006 Lifan 200cc Enduro with the push rod engine and that means less moving parts which, by the way, runs ****ing great. It’s never let me down, it also pulled my friend’s Honda 125cc Four Trax [ATV] out of the trail after it died so not only did it run me around all day but it got my friend out of pushing his four wheeler 15 miles back to the truck. So I think you guys are buying the wrong Chinese bikes. Get a Lifan, they’re great if you take care of them, mine took care of me and also any Honda CRX or other compatible parts will bolt up to a Lifan motor because I did it with anything I needed so you don’t have to do the five or six weeks on ordering overseas use your head, it all come from the same place.”

(This one took a lot of editing)

It’s nice to see people having a positive experience on a Chinese bike. This chap’s Lifan has served him well thanks to the key ingredient from an owner; maintenance. This comment also highlights a very strong point in the argument for copied engineering and that is compatibility. Being able to offer up bits of a Honda engine seamlessly to a Lifan is surely a plus reason for buying one, right?

“I’ve had one for nearly 2 years never had any problem at all, compared to another lad I know who has Honda has had to spend way 400 quid in the last year repairing it “

I’ve witnesses the same thing myself. My Japanese designed and built Suzuki Desperado spent more time in the workshop than it did on the road. I treasure my bikes and don’t abuse them (within reason) but that bike had the maintenance schedule of a military helicopter. A correctly manufactured and assembled Chinese bike from a reputable factory, with the right maintenance, is just as enduring as a Japanese model of the same spec. The fact that Japan only has 4 bike manufactures and China has gazillions means that not all motorcycles from China are going to be of solid quality. Why does that still surprise people in this day and age?



March 18, 2016