Chinese Motorcycle maintenance



By Raj Thakrar


Some of the things that I’m about to tell you may well seem to be very obvious knowledge for motorcycle maintenance, but you would be surprised about the amount of people who don’t properly look after their Chinese motorcycle and then blame it on the ‘Chinese rubbish’ when they go wrong! Here are some tips to keep your Chinese motorcycle going for years.


One thing that is very important to understand as an owner of a Chinese motorcycle is that it does require regular maintenance. Staying on top of these maintenance issues will help to prolong the life of the Chinese motorcycle, so be sure that you are maintaining everything on your motorcycle, from clutches to suspension components. They already offer a lot of value, so properly maintaining the motorcycle will only help to improve the overall value. There are some of the most common after factory parts needed for Chinese motorcycles.





These are available as either complete systems or as components to the brake system. The most common component to replace is the brake pads.


Cables and Throttles


The most common component that needs replacing here is the throttle cable. High quality ones are typically made of carbon steel on the inside.


Chains, Belts and Sprockets


Most Chinese motorcycles use the chain and sprocket drive system, rather than the belt driven system. Often times, the factory issued chains and sprockets are susceptible to rusting, so a good preventative measure is to go ahead and replace this component with one that does not rust.




The two most common electrical components to check are the battery and the starter. It should be noted that a starter for a motorcycle typically does not last nearly as long as a starter for an automobile. In most cases, they have to be replaced after about 20,000 kilometers or so.




One important thing to keep in mind with the purchase of a Chinese motorcycle is the emissions regulations. This is particularly important for owners in Europe and in the United States. Make sure that the motorcycle meets those standards, and if it does not, then you will need to find the right exhaust replacement in order to meet the emissions requirements.


Gaskets and Seals


The two areas that need to be checked regularly are the engine gaskets and exhaust seals. The ones that come factory installed will need to be replaced after a few years.


Lubricants and Fluids


These might actually be the most important things to purchase. Keeping the engine, brakes, gears, and chains lubricated is essential to extending the life of the motorcycle. Doing this on a regular basis will also extend the life of each of the motorcycle components. Service kits can be purchased which actually offer some value because they include all of the needed fluids and lubricants in one package at a discounted price.


April 28, 2016