World’s biggest motorcycle parts fair opens discussion forum



The China Motorcycle Parts Fair (CMPF) has been staged in automotive hub cities around China twice a year for nearly 40 years and has evolved into the biggest and most useful motorcycle parts trade fair in the world. The last edition in Harbin attracted over 21000 trader visitors from 37 different countries. The next edition of CMPF (held in Guangzhou this November) is set to be the biggest fair yet with an estimated 1100 different companies exhibiting literally millions of motorcycle parts, accessories and lubricants.


One of the new features of this autumn’s fair is the CMPF forum. This forum is available to all visitors and is designed to help motorcycle parts importers and distributors meet the manufacturers and exporters in order to open lines of conversation that will help to make the importation and trade of Chinese made motorcycle parts run more smoothly. During the forum attendees will hear speeches from key industry figures that will explain and demonstrate the ways that the Chinese motorcycle industry is evolving. These lectures will involve subjects like- preparing for EURO 4 (also DOT, EPA) upgrading. They will also outline the improvements being made in motorcycle electric control technology and advanced braking systems as well as giving attendees useful information on new product materials and advances in moto part quality.


All forum attendees will be invited to question our key-note speakers and give their opinion of the Chinese motorcycle industry and how to best improve it.


Motorcycle parts importer Fabricio Lacabanne has visited the CMPF many times and gives his opinion. “Many years ago when I first came to the CMPF there were very few foreign visitors, certainly none from western counties, and the parts on display were mainly geared towards the Chinese domestic market. Since then I have seen huge changes in the fair, as more and more international traders came the exhibitors changed the products on display to suit a more cosmopolitan expo. One of the most noticeable things was that there were many companies exhibiting Chinese made parts foreign motorcycle manufacturers including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Piaggio, Peugeot, Triumph, Kymco, Bajaj and just about every other motorcycle manufacturer in the world.


In the past most international parts dealers would use the internet to secure their parts orders using simple Google searches like ‘Chinese motorcycle parts’ that reveal hundreds if not thousands of results. Some of these results will be of no use; they will be companies with localised custom, selling individual parts and spares to individual motorcycle owners. In its early years the Chinese online shop service ‘Alibaba’ was the answer to all parts importers dreams, now it is gorged with thousands of small parts trading companies and my advice is to stay clear of it (also services like ‘made in China’) for the sake of your sanity and make a trip to China where you can visit the CMPF and meet the people that you will be dealing with. The other advantage of actually attending the fair is that you will be able to judge the quality first hand and maybe take some samples with you there and then. Years ago the displays were all a bit raw and unorganised, some exhibitors seemed to have just thrown parts everywhere over a table, but now it’s as organised and user friendly as any of the world’s great motorcycle trade exhibitions and I am really looking forward to joining in with the new trade forum at the next fair.”


The venue for this November’s fair will also (at the same time) feature the China Electric Vehicle Expo. This expo displays 2 and 3 wheel electric bikes and trikes from scooter commuters to tricycle taxis and has proved to be a useful addition to the CMPF as many of the international motorcycle dealers are now looking to import and sell electric bikes and scooters and a popular sideline.


The geography of the autumn edition of the fair is important as Guangzhou (and Guangdong province in general) is a main hub (second only to Chongqing) for the Chinese motorcycle industry. Visitors to the fair who also deal in fully built motorcycles can ask the CMPF advice service to organise a visit to any of the areas’ motorcycle manufacturers including-


Guangzhou Haojin Motorcycle Group Co., Ltd.

Wuyang-Honda Motorcycle (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Tianma Group Tianma Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Fanyu Haojian Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd.

Zengcheng Benma Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Dayun Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Dayang Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Fast Power Motor Co., Ltd.

And many others.



The 36th (Autumn, 2016) China Motorcycle and Parts Fair” will be held on November 16th-18th in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Pavilion. For visitor advice contact David McMullan at






August 28, 2016